About Excellence Coatings

Our goal is to develop and sell innovative, PFAS-free easy-to-clean additives and coatings for the specific use cases of our customers. We want to solve the needs of our customers! A priority for us is to make PFAS obsolete to create a cleaner planet. 

To achieve this, Excellence Coatings was founded in February 2022 by Dr. Deniz Dogan, David Wedegärtner and Sven Wauschkuhn. Excellence Coatings is a start-up from Paderborn University, where our unique know-how was developed in the past seven years.

Our Team


Dr. Deniz Dogan

Co-founder and Head of Research & Development

Easy-to-clean Coatings

David Wedegärtner

Co-founder and Head of   Production

Easy-to-clean Coatings

Sven Wauschkuhn

Co-founder and Head of Business Development


Excellence Coatings is a spin-off from Paderborn University. We use the laboratories of the university and have an office at the facilities of the university’s start-up accelerator, TecUP.

We are also part of the six-month start-up support program of Chemstars NRW, an initiative of market-leading companies from the chemical industry and the German chemical industry association North Rhine-Westfalia (VCI NRW).

Excellence Coatings was founded during the project Nanodots Waterline which was supported in the program EXIST Transfer of Research, a program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) supporting outstanding research oriented projects that involve expensive and high-risk resource development. 

EXIST Transfer of Research